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Where can I buy tickets? 

Guess what. DRMF is free! That’s right. Just show up. Be awesome. Listen to great music. Maybe buy some food and a drink from the awesome vendors and restaurants in downtown. Go to the after show. Possibly wake up the next day and check out some of our sponsors that make the festival free to you. But, the festival is free. So, just show up and be awesome. All free admission allows you to go between the tailgaters toward the stage! It is the best area for the show.

Can I play at Dancing Rabbit Music Festival?

Maybe. The purpose of our festival is to bring an eclectic group of entertainers to McAlester to bring music enthusiasts from near and far to downtown McAlester. We want thousands of music lovers to come to McAlester not only to listen to great music but also to experience how awesome McAlester is. So, we’re always happy to talk with up and coming entertainers as we are an up and coming festival. Contact us.

What is the best time to arrive?

If you’re from out of town, we encourage you to spend the weekend in the wonderful city of McAlester. Visit our Welcome to McAlester page for information about McAlester.  Our Festivals start around noon and the music kicks off at 5, but each date will have different events so show up early and see what is going on or check the individual event page and our social media for details.

Is there an age limit?

The DRMF is an outdoor venue where all ages are welcome. In fact, if you visit our Facebook page, you’ll probably see several festival goers dancing with their family members. We say, the more the merrier and it’s never too early to start ‘em listening to great music!

Where do I need to park? 

If you enter 340 E. Choctaw Ave McAlester, OK 74501 into whatever map option you use, it will show you downtown McAlester where our festival takes place. Using your satellite option, you’ll see various parking options along N. 5th and N. 3rd. If you’re still not sure, feel free to ask our amazing followers on our Facebook as well. Locals are always willing to offer tips.

Festival entry during the morning is from 5th street. After the stage and barricades are set Festival attendees may enter freely from the East or West at either 3rd street along the sidewalk on the North side of the street or anywhere from 5th street. The 3rd street entry/exit may be blocked after the Festival for tear down.

Is there somewhere I can sit?

You CAN bring chairs – there is a chair line for the free side where you can’t sit forward of.

Can I bring my own food?

Unfortunately, no outside food or drink is allowed. We have the best of the best food from the greatest locals – you really have to give it a try. 

What will the weather be like?

You know what they say about Oklahoma weather – with Oklahoma weather, there is one guarantee: you can never guarantee the weather. So, we recommend you check the weather. But if we had to take a guess, it’s probably going to be warm – if not HOT – especially for our June and July festivals.  But, we DO HAVE MERCH if you need to get something for whatever reason.

Can I sell my {insert whatever I want to sell} on the sidewalk, street, at DRMF.

Sorry. Not for DRMF 2023. But it may be something we consider for a future DRMF.

Are there restrooms?


Why is it called Dancing Rabbit? 

Because buffalo can’t dance, and all our other ideas for festival names were terrible!  Actually, we tell you why in our about section

How much is merchandise?

Prices vary depending on the product. We recommend you get a jumpstart on scoping out the goods by visiting our facebook page. We give previews of what’s available in advance of the show. 

Are pets allowed?

You bet! Pets are allowed on-leash within the festival area. Please be considerate of other festival attendees and their pets as well.

Can I volunteer? 

Wow, that’s so awesome of you. You my friend are a good human. We can always use help day of the show. But, we must warn you, it’s not the glamorous jobs like driving the talent around. It’s usually the get sweaty, moving stuff or lifting stuff type things that no one likes to do.  We typically ask for volunteers via our Facebook page a few days before each show. Are you following us on Facebook?  If not, start following us and go ahead and DM us with your interest in volunteering. And give yourself a pat on the back for even considering.

How can I partner with DRMF?  

It’s because of our partners that we are able to bring the Dancing Rabbit Music Festival to the city of McAlester and more importantly, that we are able to bring it as a FREE outdoor music event.  We are always looking for partners and would love to have you on-board. Click here to contact us about becoming a partner.

If I’m coming from out of town, where can I stay?

Visit our Welcome to McAlester page for information about the City of McAlester. We’re excited to welcome you to our city.

What happens if I never want to leave the festival?

Honestly, we don’t blame you. The entertainers are awesome. The food and beverages are super tasty. And it’s free. And if you’re joined by your friends and your family, we get it. Why would you want to leave? But, eventually, the city of McAlester is going to make us open the street back up, and it will be business as usual, so we suggest that you buy a shirt or hat, maybe hit up the after party, and then head on back home.

Do you take credit card at the music festival?


Will the artists be awesome?

ABSOLUTELY. You have the bunny’s stamp of music loving approval on that.

Is there security?

Why? What kind of ruckus are you planning on causing? Also, yes.

How do I know what’s going on with DRMF?

Find us on Facebook and maybe one day you’ll find us on other platforms.

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